Please read below some of our cutomers' comments about our work and products.

Featured Products:

"I purchased the sniper drag bag featured on the site and I absolutely love it. It has all the pockets, pouches and straps in the right places. I can carry my mags, ammo, cleaning kit and rifle all in one. Gets a bit heavy but with the shoulder carrying straps it's very comfortable, so no biggie. This is a great product, much better than others on the market or what I have had in the past. This case is heavy duty with comfort grip on the handles despite the weight at times. The fabric is easy to clean and very durable, has not torn at all and it has been dragged around quite a bit. I highly recommend this product to other shooters." Ted J. Wawa, ON

" Many years ago now, I got the shooting mat seen in the pic here. i still have it and have used it lots over the years. it is easy to roll up and carry, and i find the fabric still has not ripped. i like the padding in the elbow area which makes for better aim and accuracy. the lenght is just right for me and i'm 6' tall. i do recommend this product and company to other gun enthusiasts. The owner of Marksman Supplies was great and easy to deal with. He seemed very honest and fair. Thanks for producing such a good and long lasting shooting mat. i sure got my money's worth." Mike S., Brandon, MB.

Custom Orders:

"I had ordered a custom rifle case for one of my firearms and I made a mistake with the measurements, so of course when i received the product it did not fit my firearm. I called Bill and complained and asked if I could get the proper size and that I want to send this one back. Bill told me to keep the wrong size and give it to a friend instead of sending it back. Then he sent me a proper size case (once i measured it right)  with no charge. I really appreciated this gesture and honesty, and recommended his company to many others since. So make sure you guys send the proper measurements according to Bill's instructions." Tim H., Edmonton,  AB.

"My wife had secretly ordered a custom made range bag for me for my birthday a few years ago. She had gotten name tags sewn on the standard bag and had a few other pouches added. I love it and her. This bag I have used and abused on the ranges greatly and it still looks brand new. The fabric Marksman Supplies uses is extremely tough as I have used this bag now as much as my old one, which was greatly ripped by this time in its life. The zippers are still in great shape after all this use. I sure tell all my buddies and other shooters to order stuff they need from this company as all their products are proudly Canadian and well hand made. Thanks for this." Dave C., Chemainus, BC

Mending and Fixing:

"I have an Animal Rescue place near the main HQ of Marksman Supplies. For many years now Bill has been mending and fixing all our torn horses' jackets and goats' coats. Also, he has sewn new waterproof fabrics on existing jackets, added straps, buckles, tail flaps and clamps where needed; thus saving us hundreds of valuable dollars. Bill has always done an incredible job with every project no matter how difficult. He is such a pleasure to deal with and he does an amazing work; always exceeding my expectations. None of the jackets he has fixed have been torn since so the thread he uses is literally horse proof. I highly recommend him and his company for any heavy duty repairs. Thanks Bill for the exceptional job and service." Zita H. Cedar, BC. www.ZitasArc.ca or  www.bestfriendspetpaintings.ca.


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