Custom Orders

We can pretty much make any products that require tough, durable fabrics and a heavy duty sewing machine to make them. Most of our custom ordered products have been geared towards the shooting sports however we have had some other interesting projects as well. We use the toughest, non-breakable, rot proof threads for all outdoor items. Please send us photos, measurements, diagrams and templates of your custom order ideas. We will give you a quote based on the info you submit and do our best to accommodate your request in the manufacturing process.

MEASUREMENTS : For a custom case Marksman Supplies will ask you to email the length and the height of the firearm. From that information Marksman Supplies will use their formula to manufacture a case that will fit your firearm properly.

If you are ordering a case and you will be using it for more than one firearm email the length and height of the longest firearm and the highest firearm.

Please use diagrams for reference:

If you are ordering a case for the sporting firearm above the measurement you would email would be 45 ¼” x 7”

If you are ordering one case to use on both of these firearms the measurement you would email would be 45 ¼” x 10” being the sporting firearm is longer than the AR.

Firearm measures 10 high. Note: Due to the pistol grip, it measures higher.
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